Vaccine Developer Admits There Is No Proven Safe Vaccine

As they do with vaccines, Govts and Pharma back in the 1960's could just as easily have denied thalidomide caused harm. And, at least for a while, they did. But come to find out, EVERY child exposed to thalidomide was either hideously deformed, died in utero or was too severely damaged to survive. Like vaccine damage, thalidomide damage was too obvious to deny. Even so, it took a couple of years of public pressure on the drug makers to shut it down because, just like vaccines, thalidomide had been so lucrative.

In this video testimony, by admission of the scientist-developer of the vaccines, THERE IS NO STUDY, NO EVIDENCE, NO PROOF WHATSOEVER THAT ANY VACCINE IS SAFE, nor that they don't cause the known adverse reactions listed in the package inserts.

So what's the difference, then? Why will Pharma and governments (read Pharmament) worldwide NEVER just admit the truth and withdraw vaccines as they did thalidomide?

Because the difference is this:

In all of the developed world, only *some* pregnant women took thalidomide, a significantly smaller percentage of the population...and reparation for which is more manageable for governments and drug makers...than the percentage of the world's 7.5 billion people that have been injected with vaccines. Almost everyone currently living in the developed world has been vaccinated.

If it were to become common knowledge that in those shots they had traded a 5-day fever and rash from 3-4 immune building rite of passage illnesses in exchange for all kinds of allergies, gastrointestinal, autoimmune and neurological disorders, heart problems, diabetes, cancer, skin diseases, miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, and other conditions including "SIDS"and death of loved ones, then all vaccinated people who suffer those conditions could legitimately blame the vaccines.

That's a whole big wide world of pissed off people, each of whom are going to want oh so much more than a pound of flesh each. Most likely, a significantly high % will not take kindly to having been so badly, egregiously duped, nor to the grotesque indifference of wicked people in upper level "Pharmament" who've enriched themselves for over a century off the neverending pain of people whose blind trust at first they'd earned by deceit, and then, unsatisfied, whose compliance they tried to "mandate."

That's why no mere lawsuit in America, or almost certainly any other country, will ever prevail on this issue. EVER.

And now you also know another reason why the greatest short term desire of the servants of every government is to disarm their "peons."

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