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America has benefited from Republican leaders, who have transformed the landscape of the United States through a reduction of regulations, and through the power of setting conservatives into the courts. These changes will last generations, but the State of California is continually flawed by democratic policies, which tie up and burden the state's population. These laws will impact California for many generations. Yet, if Californians would rise up to take a stand against the values, which do not represent all Californians, a dramatic change in this state could occur.The political landscape must be transformed by individuals willing to stand against the status quo and represent godly values in a state, which promotes the opposite. Republican leadership must be formed naturally and backed by the power of political engines who can guide those candidates into successful elections. Transformation can only occur when these machines are behind candidates, and this machine is us, and should be you! It is no longer time to sit on the sidelines to allow our state to continue this death spiral of ill-weathered morals, financial constriction, and the devaluing of the family—we can make a change, but we must first become a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

God is ready and willing to bring blessings to the people of California, but we must first rise up and become people of action. We must ever press firmly to do our part and create an environment, which is conducive to godly principles.


  1. This is a beautifully-stated article which points us toward Doing Something! In solid agreement with this great article, Katy Grimes, just this morning on the Phil Cowan Show, mentioned how so many “republicans” & “conservatives” seem content to whine and gripe at her about CAGOP’s embedded failures, rather than getting out there and Working to Get Something Done!! I strongly maintain, however, that Civilized Californians Do Have a Big Problem regarding the CAGOP’s years-long, “Desire To Fail”!

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