My Response to The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc. “Endorsement” of John Cox

I've lost roughly 75% of my former faith in the HJTA, and the the CAGOP!

This for their ill-conceived "endorsements" of John Cox, whose inferior speaking abilities & vision for California's Dire Need For Rescue, are Nowhere Near being up to the challenge of the Smoothest Talker I've ever heard, Gavin Newsom!! Anyone remotely awake can easily see online that Travis Allen supporters are about 10-to-1, or, 20-to-1, compared to Cox supporters, depending on which site one sees!

CAGOP, and HJTA are missing that the truly apt comparison is really more of a Donald J Trump-Travis Allen vs. George Bush-John Cox comparison! The People's Energy is Clearly with Travis Allen!! Including Defecting CA Democrats!!!! Cox will Not attract as many disaffected CA democrats as will Allen.  I see this from my perspective of being former CA democrat who can see The Bigger Picture.

CAGOP just Loves To Lose!! Especially, in this once-in-30-years Chance To Win! This as seen by their addiction to moneybags-types like the imperious RINO/Democrat: Meg Whitman!! Who Also Lost BigTime!!  Posts like the HJTA "endorsement" for John Cox make me want a beer, but, I have to get up in the morning to get to work!!

Why is it that CAGOP is So Driven To Lose, Lose, and, Lose, yet again??!!

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