Happy Resurrection Day 2016!!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Greetings S.R.A. Family,

As you may know the S.R.A. is founded in Judeo-Christian Values as outlined in "What We Believe".  Today we would like to give thanks to our Creator who sent his only begotten son to die for us and cleanse us of our sins.  We would like to honor Him by reflecting on His many demonstrations of miracles, exemplary actions in the face of opposition, strength of character, humility, compassion, and above all else a relentless love that chased after each and every one of us without getting tired.

Today we ask that while you look at your families you remember that the Lord loved us enough to send His son to die in our place.  Could we be selfless enough to send our child to die for our enemies and those who have turned their backs on us?  We are driven in life to find our true loves, to have children, and be faced with the task of unconditional love.  Any parent must face many ordeals in this world to raise their children and each struggle different from another's, but this we have in common is those moments when we look at our children and think:  It's worth it.  A mother can endure many hours of the most unbelievable pain during delivery but when she is faced with her child it is said she instantly forgets everything at the sight of her baby.  We must remember that the Lord loves us more than we understand exceeding our own understanding of love.  In Him we should all lay our trust.

Heavenly Father, we the Body of Christ and your children humbly invite you into our hearts and pray for your mercy,  Please extend to us a similar love for one another to that you have shown us.  Today we surrender ourselves to you and ask you to take charge of our lives that your great son's sacrifice will not have been in vain.  In your precious son's name we pray.


Jorge Riley


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