Happy Father’s Day 2016

Happy Father's Day!!!

I believe that when the Lord created the Heavens and the Earth that He thought about us.  I believe He thought about the beginning and the end and everything in between.  I believe He thought about you and I believe He thought about me.  I believe He put Himself into everything He made so that everything would point us back to Him.  I believe people find God from watching the Ocean, staring into woodlands, being in the mountains, watching the stars.  I believe we find God in life and in death always like gravity we are drawn to Him.

Hopefully through Love two people are drawn to each other and come together as one and in that moment life is created.  A woman is blessed for all the suffering she endures in being a woman with feeling that baby grow in her stomach.  While other's may touch her stomach the baby is inside the woman and they will never be able to know what that is like. They will not know the feeling of being attached to that baby's every feeling and movement while it grows enough to leave the womb.

A father must love his woman enough to know she will love that baby and take care of it and the home in order to go out and work and take care of the necessary "hunting and gathering".  Like God prepared a place for us a father is supposed to be a provider for his family and in this he shows his love for his family.  He protects his family from the elements by providing a home and clothing.  He protects them from any dangers regardless if it's a bear attack or a car coming at them.  He stands strong as a mountain and doesn't let stress nor situation break him because it's not him he is being strong for but those he loves.  Above all else a father shows his strength by being gentle towards his wife and children.  He is sensitive and nurturing so as to not take away from his silent suffering...

A father looks at his family and problems and knows he must put his faith in God because it can be taken away so easily.  He watches his children grow and realizes how he must seem to God watching down on us as we make our mistakes and act rebellious.  He is kind, understanding, loving and forgiving with the hopes that his children will follow his example and is rewarded with dying with peace of mind that he did his best.

While in 2016 a sign of the times is broken families with single fathers having to play the role of mothers too and single mothers having to be fathers or even step-fathers and other family members playing these roles...the job needs to be filled.  So God bless all the Fathers today and let us look to our heavenly father who was the best example of a father there could be...

Jorge Riley


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