Get Ready for a Tax on Your Texting California

California is going to tax us again if they can get away with it. This proposed tax is being introduced to help cover cellular technology for low-income individuals. I wonder how many of the Millennials will be happy to receive a fee on their mobile texting. Most likely this population of tech-savvy individuals will not stand for it, but we will see what ultimately happens. California is in a desperate need for change. These democratic policies are driving Californian's to the poor house. California is always reaching into the pockets of its people to fund their 'good ideas.' I cannot afford any more 'good ideas' in this state. California charges fees for grocery bags removes straws, places additional taxes on gasoline, and attempts to build a bullet train, which is billions of dollars over its voter-approved allotment.

I do not mean to rant today, but what begins as a potential text messaging tax, could become an instant messaging tax, or more. Where will California end its money grab? The roads in California are filled with potholes, and much of the infrastructure is failing. Where are those Californian's who believe in doing what is best for people, not for doing what's best just for the government? Where are those who would stand for the little guy? Where are those who are 'republican' when it comes time to vote? What really gets me is this state has been run by Democrats for so long, and the state of affairs is in decline, this is more than a partisan issue, this is a lifestyle issue. We need to rise for what matter most: our families, our faith, our schools, our homes, and our liberties.

We must stand against the potential power grab for more of our funds and take control of our government once again. This democratic republic built by hardworking people and it was made for hardworking people. Those who are in power are not the politicians, though they presume to think they are. We the people are in control, and it is our right and our duty to stand against anything which does not align with our desires as a state and as a nation. What would our country be like if the people of this grand state would take a stand against policies, which contribute to the decline of wealth within this state? What would our schools be like, if our students were educated, instead of indoctrinated? What our society needs, once again, is for a people who will stand against those who would be so eager to destroy the economic, biblical values, and the makeup of family within our great state.

If this struck a chord with you, why not join the S.R.A. today. Become a member and help become a fighter against the chilling bite of Democrats against Californian's wallets, families, GOD, and lifestyles.


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