Fighting Absurd Bills is…Absurd

Fighting SB 18, or any other theft of liberty, is identical to being alarmed, vigilant and taking action to fight the housekeeper who proposes a new shower head, warning that caustic acid is flowing thru your plumbing. That problem just doesn't exist, but even if it did, when you know what the problem is, then even contemplating discussion of the many drawbacks, benefits and cost of replacing the shower head is asinine. It's that simple.

"No law contrary to the Constitution can be valid." It is without force, it is null and void, it does not exist. James Madison said this, every signatory on the Constitution and Thomas Jefferson said it, and so did the supreme court.

SB 18, or any other bill that absurdly asserts that governments grant, limit or revoke rights is the polar opposite of the Constitution - which also does not grant rights, it only restricts what government, not the people, can do. Public servants swear an oath promising they will support the law that restricts them, and every single oath-taker in America is completely ignoring it, if not actively, deliberately defying it. Currently, every single one is actionable under the Law. Which they are ignoring. And so are we.

We can either keep fighting the servant's ignorance, allowing them to override their purpose and authority to keep adjusting and replacing the shower head over and over expecting a different result or we can go to the source of the problem and fix it.

The right problem handled the right way and it's over in one day.

And if we don't use the tools our Founders risked everything, died and sacrificed to hand to us for free, then in their slavery our children and our children's children will curse us.


  1. The housekeeper should mind her own business. Great antidote about what happens when we let paid servants overstep their bounds.

  2. Yea!!! Katherine!!! Great article describing the deceptive intent of those who seek to sub-textually “destroy the West from within” as detailed in The Frankfurt School’s 150-year-old European beginnings! We see what you describe in CA-Ed’s precipitous drop from number One in the US, down to number 46th in the US today, this drop based upon student test scores!! We also see what you’re saying in the BLM’s decades-long orchestrated attacks upon rural Americans, ranchers, farmers, and others all across the American West, culminating most recently in the State-Sponsored murder of LaVoy Finicum, and the following trials up in Portland where the jury Totally Acquitted the accused!!

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