Comment To ABC 10 Sacramento, Affiliate of ABC New York

Dear C. Henson, of ABC Sacramento 10,

I've been a news viewer in the Sacramento market for a long time, several decades altogether, and have been an obedient California Democrat for most of my life. I will try to keep this shorter because getting into much detail regarding your part in disseminating giant ABC Corporate's "News" will generate more fury at being so mal-informed.

One *detail: which ABC 10 could HONESTLY use to gain local California viewers' attention, (while truly doing the public a service), I will describe for you near the end of this communique'.

Regarding our President, I didn't choose Donald Trump to run, but as a seriously disaffected California Democrat, who has seen our California Government become controlled by an array of Chicago-styled, Al-Capone-Inspired criminal organizations, I voted for Trump because he Is Not anything near the DC-embedded depravity of The Clinton Crime Family, whose bone-deep crimes ABC 10 has dutifully kept as hidden as possible! This in obedience to your affiliate's imperious NYC "intellectual" ABC Corporate owners' contempt for America's common people! We, your angered viewers, are TOTALLY FED UP with ABC's reflexive hatred for our President, Mr. Donald Trump!!

ABC has become a leading player in mainstream media's orchestrated, absolutely frenzied attacks upon Trump, obviously to protect its landed-gentry pals in the DC swamp! Historically, ABC has purposefully and deceptively hidden the foundational underpinnings of Obama's "Fast 'n' Furious" debacle, among many other violations committed by Obama's blundering, highly politicized administration. "Fast 'n' Furious" has resulted in well over 600, (and growing), murders of Mexican citizens so far! ABC NEVER investigated Obama's Benghazi lies, and ABC "News" never featured stories about how, under Obama/Hillary, the US Government played a major, (and morally perverted), role in the near-complete destruction of The Libyan people! The result of this orchestrated destruction committed by your Dear Leader is: A now 14th-century-devolved Libya presently sports brand new versions of Islam's historic Black African slave markets amongst the growing mass-poverty of a once-reasonably-prosperous Libya!

ABC's Corporate "Intellectuals" - Complete Silence!

ABC "News" has attacked Trump 1,000 times more than any of our past US Presidents!!!! The entrenched Hillary brown-nosers of ABC Corporate "News" have failed in their huge efforts to push mainstream media's obviously false, & completely empty "Russia, Russia" hypocrisy which is endemic to ABC's overall falsified "national discussion!"

ABC corporate's perversion of Charlottesville is now deceptively-concocted, and headlined to "cover up" ABC corporate's "fake news", Russia, Russia" monstrosity! Even as ABC's overtly-favored Charlottesville Mayor, Michael Signer, it is now known, Did Order His police force to purposely force the two opposing sides together . . . . And then to stand back and let the (ABC-"News"-Enriching) violence begin! Thus, Mayor Michael Signer is guilty of Purposefully setting in motion the events which murdered the wonderful young lady! ABC shares in the blame for her homicide!

ABC does it's part in hiding roughly 20 other major scandals, including the IRS debacle . . . . And so many more, all the way up to the recent Awan family's democrat/ABC-covered-up Congressional IT crimes!! ABC "News" utterly hides its DC-Elitists friends' crimes against all of America, and against humanity itself. These covert crimes increase blood pressure Bigtime! The American People's abject fury at your ABC "News" reflexive Lying by Omission is definitely rising!

We viewers, who are so clearly held in such contempt by ABC "News," will commence communicating with your national/local advertisers who are funding ABC Corporate's 24/7/365 lies! The rest of your programming may not be targeted, but, several should be. Here, I will add that your choosing "The Justice Channel" is a rare Great Choice!!

Almost by accident we've gotten several advertisers to leave The Bee, . . . and with a little real effort?  . . . . . . Yes we can!

Following is the incredibly important little detail which I referenced earlier. This suggestion points toward ABC 10 being able to partially undo the "Fake News" crimes of ABC Corporate's phony "intellectuals" by means of reporting True News of the wide array of California Government's Al-Capone-Inspired crimes against Californians, & against America:

*If you at ABC 10 can get a genteel local gentleman, Doug Haaland, a 30-year high level California State Capital functionary, to speak to you, and then to describe, "unfiltered" through ABC, Channel 10 Sacramento, to the people of California in some decent detail Mr. Haaland's intricately deep knowledge regarding the last 30 years of the State of CA Legislature, along with the CA State Water Resources Control Board's ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THEFT of ALL of our long-ago-planned water reservoir building monies, . . . we might hold off a little! Approximately 30 Billion California taxpayer dollars has been 100% outright stolen, pocketed, transferred and/or wasted!  #1. This as California's population has doubled! #2. No new planned water reservoirs were built for the last 30 years! . . . And, #3. the money's all gone!

What kind of "government" commits these kinds of crimes against the people? Venezuela? When will ABC "News" 10 even begin to report on these crimes!!?? A couple of reservoirs which were in process during the 30-year-long "monster theft" were completed, but no more of the many long-planned reservoirs were ever built!!

And, what about ABC 10, Sacramento's hiding of California government's massive thefts from our highway maintenance tax monies, our dams, and our under-funded, under-the-table-negotiated government worker retirement obligations? The how's and the why's! These electrifying stories could be leveraged inside your "local news" programming!

It would be nice if, at least, your local "News" would feature some Real News, instead of the ever-repetitive fire/flooding/sex/"fake drama" stories, (in the presentation of which), you use your flashily/sexily-dressed women to try to "sell" this idiocy to your viewers. This protocol further shows ABC 10's contempt for the IQ of the regular American. Real News would get you viewers!

Underneath it all, we are actually on your side! We want ABC 10 to succeed! But to succeed in Truly Informing the body politic of actual information, and presenting Real "News" which We The People need in order to make good decisions!  This in the vaunted tradition of The Fourth Estate. But no, highly-politicized ABC "News" 10, Sacramento, appears to be in solidly bed with the plundering elites of DC, and with their friends here in Sacramento.

Allegorically, we clearly see imperious, well-dressed positions inside ABC's safely-controlled, gated "News" communities. And, we clearly see that ABC Corporate has mandated the blindfolding of local affiliates, such that ABC 10 Sacramento is 'force-failed' to comprehend, or to report upon, the drastic human impact of Cal-Gov's orchestrated destruction of the American worker, leaving hundreds of thousands of Californians homeless!!!

As ABC Sacramento 10's Silicon Valley elitist friends become more Uber-Wealthy than ever before!!

ABC has flushed down the toilet hundreds of great "human interest" stories describing the how's & why's of California's exploding homelessness, this in service to covering up the crimes of my former party's running of, and it's massive plundering of, the government of The People of California!

Recently a Southern California bicyclist videoed about three miles worth of hundreds & hundreds of homeless Californians camped out on both sides of just a small part of the bike trail those bicyclists use! You can bet that that video will never make on air! ABC corporate's Silicon Valley billionaire friends have garnered proportionally Far More Wealth within these United States than the wealthiest Americans have ever had before in our American history! Vastly more so than any of the old "Robber Barons" ever possessed compared to The American Worker!!

I am inviting you to respond, and wouldn't mind some dialogue.

Sincerely With Regards,

M. Giles

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  1. Very insightful perspective from a former California Democrat. I have seen many Democrats being drawn to Pro-Trump from self-realization of biases and propaganda inspired by the liberal media.

    Democrats have been sabotaging the United States; Republicans have been selling us out and with No opposition it only adds up to the demise of our once great nation.

    Trump says it like it is…to the good People of the U.S. that is a breath of much needed fresh air.

    -Jorge Riley

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