CIA Agent Whistleblower Fully Exposes The Shadow Government

ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE VIEWING. This is an excellent, authoritative explanation and evidence as to why I keep saying, loudly and often: If you believe America's problem is left vs right, liberal vs conservative, R vs D, or that "the people" currently have any control or influence on the vote at the federal level, whether a president remains in office...or even just don't have enough information.

We must UNITE and properly take control over out of control government. When government becomes destructive to Life, Liberty and Property of the people, it is the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to alter or abolish it. But there's is nothing wrong with our "more perfect" form of government, it's our public servants that have gone completely off the rails. We don't need to alter or abolish *government,* we need to control our *servants.*

Any act at any level of government in America that is unconstitutional is, by definition, unlawful. Any servant having authored, passed, funded, allowed or committed unconstitutional acts is, by definition, a criminal.

The proper solution and deterrent from future violation of the rights of the people under color of law is accountability - true, hideously, excruciatingly painful, 100% Lawful consequences...and I don't mean, "a good talking to."

Constitutional protection is already long gone, and our only hope to save America, not just "make it great again," is RESTORATION.

Godspeed Restored Liberty

-Sacramento County Committee of Safety (send PM on Facebook)

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