A Call for Peace

The 2020 campaign season is already ramping up. It is hard to believe that 2019 brings with it more looming devices of division for the United States. For the past couple of years, the country has enjoyed a considerable sentiment of drama, which is seemingly endless. The country is becoming increasingly divided, and the hope of easing tension does not appear to be in sight. Politico reports, Rep. Maxine Waters has continued to insist on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Rep. Waters call for impeachment has put nerves on edge for some of the more moderate individuals within her party, but Rep Waters does not intend to let up. Not only has Rep. Waters caused a nervous reaction for those within her party, but has produced a worried response from Republican leaders on which she urged her supporters to confront elected officials face-to-face. Politics on both sides of the aisle have not been civil, but there have been increased dangerous rhetoric being spoken by liberals.

The threats and actions against Republicans elected officials and their supporters have increased in the past few years. Investors.com reports, a California resident attacked California GOP congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade;" "a Republican Party office in Laramie, Wyoming caught fire - in what officials suspected was arson - just days after it opened;" "a deranged driver repeated rammed his truck into a local Fox News affiliate in Dallas, Texas;" and Breitbart studies attacks on Republicans and supporters of the President and found in the past few months there were over 550 attacks.

The country needs to be brought back together. Republicans must lead the way in their attempts to take back this country from left-leaning and socialist ideologies, which have been ripping the fabric of this country into shreds. The hope for a nation is not found in the attacks of one party, or another, but they are centered in humble prayer and engaging through political discourse. Too many are ready to sit anonymously behind their computers and take advantage of the autonomy provided through the internet, but what will make this difference is getting to know your neighbors and treating them with respect and compassion. I believe Republicans are leading the way to a more civil political conversation.

This Californian Republican hopes to not only shift the negative political discourse but to call others Republicans to actions, especially within the State of California. Californian Republicans must take a moment to realize what is at stake and begin to gain ground, rather than losing it. There are things you can do to create a brighter future for America and the State of California. Republicans must determine to engage in positive political discourse; study the policies, which are being implemented; participate in voting; and by becoming a member of the Sacramento Republican Association. For just $25.00 per person and $35.00 per couple, you can become a member and help to provide delation to see conservative agenda supported within the State of California. It does not take much money, or time to sign up - take the time and sign up today, and you will not regret it.

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