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"...you're not really using [the test] as a measure of the kid, it's a measure of the teacher or the school or the district."
-Jon Cohen, vice pres., AIR (American Institutes for Research), creator of Common Core Assessments
https://youtu.be/n5kadJ-Xys4 (:28 sec)

Computer Adaptive Assessment is designed to fail 50% and does fail as high as 85% of mainstream testers, and 95% of IEP students.
https://youtu.be/ccdbdhTQ9VU (:58 sec)

Race Bias - Computer Adaptive Testing Disadvantages lower achieving students. (38) sec

Common Core License http://www.corestandards.org/public-license/

Everything You Need To Know About Common Core relative to the classroom HERE:

Peg Luksik, PhD, Former Reagan Admin Education ...
The Truth About Common Core

Peg Luksik, PhD - The Truth About The Test (SBAC) - Details how the test fails

Dr Duke Pesta - The Case Against Common Core

CA Education Code 60605.8 (d)
"The commission shall develop academic content standards in language arts and mathematics. The standards shall be internationally benchmarked and build toward college and career readiness by the time of high school graduation. Unless otherwise allowed by the Secretary of the United States Department of Education, at least 85 percent of these standards shall be the common core academic standards developed by the consortium or interstate collaboration set forth in Section 60605.7."
Common Core Standards have never been tested, validated, or internationally bench-marked.

Measuring Teachers with AIR
Jon Cohen, Executive VP for Assessment for the American Institutes for Research (AIR) explains that assessments (like FSA) doesn't really measure the student...

Katherine O'Neal Duran
Physician Warranty of Vaccine Warranty_kld.pdf
Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety

Katherine O'Neal Duran
Importance of the Oath Of Office, Publius Hulda

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