The Sacramento Republican Assembly is proud to step into 2015

How do we compete to get our conservative message out?  The answer is that we market it the same as any business.  In fact, there are more conservatives out there than people would think. The problem is that we don't have a unified place to express our views and united over conservative issues.  I have seen the problems for years, No Media, No Attention, No Unity unless it's over rinocuracy.  We should be united with one conservative voice to encourage each other as the Bible commands us.  We should have the ability to stand together in a place that people can trust and know that when we come there we will be accepted.  Well I have always known the CRA to be that place.  In fact, I used to think of CRA as the Christian Republican Assembly because every time I ever went to an event I felt like I was in church.

I have taken it upon myself to create this website for Sacramento Republican Assembly so that we can come together and have a voice that will make the changes WE want to see in the coming years.  I hope you enjoy it.

Jorge Riley

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