Bill Cardoza

Bill Cardoza – GOP activist and volunteer since 1970


Bill Cardoza started off as a GOP activist in his hometown of Eureka, California, where, while in high school, he served as vice president, then later president of the Eureka Teenage Republicans in 1971.  While in college, in the fall of 1972, Bill was elected vice-chair of the Humboldt County GOP Committee – at the time becoming the youngest central committee member at the age of 18. Later, after college, he became a co-founder of the Humboldt County Young Republicans.

CRP -- While still in high school and not yet able to vote, Bill became active in the state’s political arena, now in his 44th year as a voting member of the California Republican Party Central Committee (CRP), beginning under the chairmanship of Putnam Livermore from San Francisco.  He has been a voting member of the state GOP committee since 1971, has been three times elected to the CRP Platform Committee and served numerous times on the CRP Resolutions Committee.

CRA – Bill is now in his 29th year as a California Republican Assembly (CRA) grassroots activist, joining in 1986, and became one of the Founding Members of the Sacramento Republican Assembly (SRA) in 1987, following the dissolution of the River City Republican Assembly – at the time, the largest CRA unit in the state. Throughout SRA’s history, Bill has been appointed chair of the SRA nominating committee. In December 2014, Bill organized a reunion of 8 of its 13 presidents with Greg Hardcastle flying in from Miami Beach and Michael McCollum flying in from San Diego. He has been elected and served over ten years on CRA’s Executive Board, serving the membership in various capacities, including twice being elected National Committeeman, four-times elected Vice President, twice elected Assistant Treasurer, and once as Sgt. at Arms.  Additionally, Bill was appointed in 2013 as CRA Chaplain – a position he considers a great honor and takes very seriously. Bill has been a member of the Board of Directors at various times as Senate District Director and Deputy Director. Twice, he was asked to serve as Chair on the then CRA Political Strategy Committee, first under CRA President Greg Hardcastle and again under CRA President Sergio Picchio.

In March 2015, Bill lost his re-election bid for National Committeeman and left the board. Shortly afterwards in May 2015, newly re-elected CRA President John Briscoe resigned his post and was succeeded by executive vice president Tom Hudson.  On May 30, 2015, Hudson appointed Bill again as CRA state chaplain and the board elected him to fill a vice president slot, representing the greater Sacramento region.

In addition to starting new units, Bill has called and presided over regional "Local CRA Endorsing Conventions" several times, including once for all of Northern California. Bill has organized programs for several statewide CRA conventions featuring Pat Robertson, Ollie North, John Ashcroft, Steve Forbes, Pat Buchanan, Carl Karcher, Alan Keyes, Fred Thompson, and George W. Bush when he was governor of Texas. And for the Prayer Breakfast speaker at Knott’s Berry Farm last year, Bill orchestrated Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz!

NFRA – Bill has served on the board of directors for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) twice before as California’s National Committeeman. On August 5, 2015, Bill was appointed parliamentarian by Sharron Angle, President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), for all NFRA board and convention meetings. Later, in Nashville, the NFRA board elected Bill as a regional Great Plains vice president on August 30, 2015.  As the Founding Treasurer of the Republican Victory Fund in the 1990s, Bill played a key role in the coast-to-coast development and Founding of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) – taking CRA to the national level.

Sacramento GOP -- Currently, Bill is the 2nd vice-chair and formerly the treasurer of the Sacramento County GOP Committee. He is also in his 6th year as the chair of the Sacramento County GOP Endorsement Committee. Bill has been active on the Sacramento GOP Committee since 2004.


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