Californian’s Come together to Support YES on PROP 6!

A War on Taxation...

There have been few things that California has been able to come together on.  With many divisive initiatives having been proposed through out the years; most causing News worthy controversy and debate, we now have an initiative that has taken a different place in history.  Californian's agree that Democrat proposed SB 1 (Beall) which was passed and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in April 2017 is not in the best interests of The People.

$0.12 per gallon increase in the motor vehicle fuel (gasoline) tax imposed by the bill with an inflation adjustment, as provided, 50% of a $0.20 per gallon increase in the diesel excise tax, with an inflation adjustment, as provided, a portion of a new transportation improvement fee imposed under the Vehicle License Fee Law with a varying fee between $25 and $175 based on vehicle value and with an inflation adjustment, as provided, and a new $100 annual vehicle registration fee applicable only to zero-emission vehicles model year 2020 and later...

Democrat Strife over the Bill

Senator Mike Morrell has been very vocal in his opposition to this bill giving many facts of the horrors of SB 1 but few know this was bipartisan opposed.  SB 1 (The Largest Gas Tax increase in history) didn't pass through the California Legislature without dispute.  Several democrats were punished for opposing the tax hike.  Assemblyman Kevin Kiley spoke on this issue at a  No Gas Tax Rally and later in a private interview.  Kevin Kiley said these tactics used by the Liberal left are nothing new.

  1. Assemblyman Rudy Salas (AD32 Bakersfield) was removed from being Chair of the Business and Professions Committee by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon;
  2. Senator Glazer (SD7 Contra Costa) was the Governmental Organization Committee Chair until he voted against this bill deciding it was not in the People's interest to increase the cost of gas.  Senator Kevin Leon requested that Glazer resign for the good of the caucus.

Senator Josh Newman (SD29 Fullerton) was recalled from office for his vote in support of this Bill.  Newman was replaced by Ling Ling Chang (R) ending the Democrat Super-majority.

The People answer back

The Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative was championed by Carl De Mayo and has been actively supported by top leading candidates in California's current election to include candidates for Governor John Cox and Attorney General Judge Steven Bailey.  Carl de Mayo traveled throughout California driving citizens to support the initiative and educating voters that this tax would cost the typical family of 4 about $779.28/year "about the cost of 1 Christmas every year".  This initiative failed to make the ballot for lack of valid signatures, however, a similar initiative did qualify...

Prop 6 Makes it to the Ballot

The upcoming November Ballot initiative to defeat the gas tax is titled Prop 6 and is a Constitutional Amendment submitted by Sacramento law firm Bell, McAndrews, and Hiltachk.  This revision adds:

...the Legislature shall not impose, increase or extend any tax, as defined in section 3, on the sale, storage, use or consumption of motor vehicle gasoline or diesel fuel, or on the privilege of a resident of California to operate on the public highways a vehicle, or trailer coach, unless and until that proposed tax is submitted to the electorate and approved by a majority vote.

This will automatically terminate the current gas tax and require future taxes of this nature to be approved by the voters.  Republicans opposed this bill, Democrats opposed this bill, and now it's time for The People to oppose this bill.  What say you....Should this Gas and Registration tax be repealed?


Jorge Riley

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